Discover history’s significant events since 3000 BCE through a detailed and dynamic, book-long, timeline! Perfect for history buffs and trivia enthusiasts alike.

See history’s most decisive moments, as and when they happened, and where they all took place. Taking a chronological approach, History Year by Year explores the world’s most momentous discoveries, ingenious inventions, and important events in the context of their time, wherever they occurred. Along the way you’ll meet charismatic leaders, brutal dictators, influential thinkers, and innovative scientists from every corner of the globe.

Follow in the steps of your human ancestors as they colonize the planet, develop tools, harness fire, and paint cave walls. Learn how their descendants established great civilizations, founded huge empires, domesticated animals, built pyramids, produced great art, authored epic poems, and ultimately even travelled into space. There are wars and rebellions, voyages of adventure and discovery, extraordinary developments in technology, and incredible sporting feats.

Accessible to everyone, History Year by Year‘s combination of bite-sized information, eye-catching images, clear maps, and memorable stats will delight history lovers, and make an ideal gift for trivia buffs wanting facts at their fingertips.

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Gr 4-8-Divided into different eras, with various ranges of time (“Before History Began,” “Really Ancient History,” “Much More Civilized,” “The Marvelous Middle Ages,” “Exploring and Reforming,” “Time for Change,” “Empires and World Wars,” and “Fast Forward”), this offering follows the publisher’s successful pattern of full-color pictures, brief blurbs of text, and highlighted features focusing on particular aspects of the broader subject. Starting with “3 MYA” (“million years ago”) and ending with “1945-present,” each part of the book gives a brief overview of what was going on in different parts of the world at the same time. A color-coded time line runs across most of the spreads, showing the progression and advancement of civilization. Every few pages, a particular subtopic gets extra attention. For instance, in the “700 BCE-500 CE” section, there is a two-page discussion, replete with a color picture of Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huangdi’s terra-cotta army. Features such as these make this an excellent browsing book, but students can still pull information from the text. A brief history of both the United States and Canada is appended. A good addition to most collections, both for the information it offers and for its appealing format.-Carol Fazioli, Barth Elementary School, Pottstown, PAα(c) Copyright 2013. Library Journal. LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

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Presented in a time-line format, this is a visually astonishing excursion through world history from 3.5 million years ago to 2012. The colorful ribbon of time across the middle of each page is branched off with blocks of text and accompanying illustrations (photos of artifacts and events, drawings, and diagrams) to provide a stimulating, browser-friendly design throughout. Most double-page spreads cover a specific-length segment of time, starting at millions of years in prehistoric times, reducing to smaller time spans as history becomes more detailed, and then finally settling in at five years for most spreads from 1910 onward. Special pages highlighting major events—or, in some cases, focusing upon the lives of children—are interspersed throughout. The coverage is inclusive, touching upon activities in all parts of the world, though much of the information will require a fairly sophisticated knowledge of history to understand. Although designed for reference, this has the feel of a carefully crafted museum exhibit. Grades 6-9. –Randall Enos


Learning Magazine 2015 Teachers’ Choice Awards for the Classroom.

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